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Our Values

A La Renée is not just a 'catchy concept' we are set apart by our walk. We are part of a larger, family run business. Our father started the business from almost nothing years ago. Entrusted as 'Principal Advisers' to the estate, we hold our legacy dearly. Our Values - Wisdom built - Established in understanding - Knowledge filled is an approach that ensures your organization will bring forth its best fruits!

Our Approach

We develop the necessary processes and steps to strengthen your organization and build capacity. We begin by properly assessing your organization. Next, we ask for your structured goals. Lastly, we develop analyses to fill in gaps that may exist. Expert resources, research and development, and rich content are combined to achieve clear, yet vibrant communication.

Our Business

Marketing A La Renée, Inc. is a Professional Management Services firm. We are experts in providing Strategy, Business Planning, Marketing, Business Modeling, Corporate Communication, and Event Planning. We provide one-on-one coaching for entrepreneurs and larger scale ‘Intrapreneurial’ programs for small business, corporate, and 501(c)(3) organizations. At Marketing A La Renée, we define then refine your company’s Marketing, Messaging & Media. Then we add a touch of brand polish... C’est Magnifique!


"I consulted Renée at Marketing A La Renée, Inc. when I needed assistance preparing for my first big celebrity expo in Hollywood! I was flying to Hollywood to showcase my diaper cakes at the Pre-Emmy's Boom Boom Room Celebrity Gifting Suite for the first time and had no idea how to prepare for such a big event. I came to Renée less than a month before the event and she walked me through a detailed event management plan that completely prepared me for the event. I was able to show off my diaper cakes to a ton of celebrities and get images of them holding my products. Thank you so much for everything!" Myneco, Owner - Little Miss Babycakes

"I've worked with many consultants over the years, and I would rank Marketing A La Renée, Inc. as one of the most insightful and strategic teams with whom, I've worked. Renée effectively challenged our thinking, helped us better analyze our business insights and performance, and always ensured the team keep focused on the task at hand. I would recommend Marketing A La Renée to anyone that is making tough, strategic decisions to grow their business." N. McCree - Simba Tutoring Center

"(A) Great job by you and your team on the Matchmaker event... Lots of hard work and planning paid off. Good participation, good press, and good feedback. - 2013 RSMP Matchmaker & Business Fair" Thomas Renauto Executive Director Rochester Joint Schools Construction Board

"Renée’s work is exceptional. Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to see her work in a variety of settings (from community decision-making processes to funder meetings). She is prepared, intuitive, and fearless in pursuit of her client’s objectives." Kit Miller Director, MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

Femme Principale, Renee Frazier

Principal, Renée Frazier began her career in upstate New York as an advertising professional with Farrell-Dornbirer Associates. While at the agency Renée learned print, radio and television media-buying, and gained copywriting experience. Renée continued her career with focus on national print media buyer for Wolff Associates and later moved on to the Baltimore-based Trahan, Burden & Charles. The full-service agency afforded Renée the opportunity to work on the national account for Harrah's Casino and its 13 properties.

Recognizing a new trend and need for client-centered consulting, Renée began the MBA program at the University of Baltimore’s Merrick School of Business. Completing her MBA with a concentration in Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Renée began consulting in the Baltimore/Washington corridor for one of the country's first biometrics firms, Identification Technologies.

Renée returned to New York in 1999 and founded Pearl Ink! - a copywriting, resume writing, and professional communication firm. Upon her return to the region she joined the local start-up, Olvon Distribution. Holding a minority stake as V.P. Renee was responsible for supporting product distribution channels, in the northeast, Spain, and Turkey. Renée was instrumental in new product development and positioning for the 9-sku baby-line of lead manufacturer, The Trillium Organic Company. Pearl Ink! re-branded in 2009 and re-emerged as Marketing A La Renée, Inc.

As President and CEO, Renée Frazier has acquired and advised clients in New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona, California, District of Columbia & Australia.

Please contact us. We can help you with your M/WBE utilization plans and goals for both commodities and professional management services!


Unique Presentations

Whether you go with our traditional presentation or our fabulous 3D products your clients will remember you and your content.  Wow them with impact!  Prep now for your next company event. A La Renee Marketing
Très Magnifique!

Take your presentation to the next level with 3D presentation. More than your traditional Powerpoint, it has a life of its own.

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Products – Leadership & Management Business Plans

  • Lectures & Workshops
  • Press Releases
  • Strategic Plans
  • Technology Transfer
  • Assessment Tools


  • Business Advisor & Consultant
  • Strategic Manager
  • Database Management
  • Intrapreneurial Programs
  • Business Coaching
  • Mission & Vision Statements
  • Elevator Pitches
  • Brand Development
  • Market Research
  • Technical Writer – Medical & Science
  • Constant ContactSoftware Solutions Provider
  • Non Profit  –  501(c)3 &
  • 506(c) market specialist

Affinity Marketing

M/WBE Utilization Plans

Media & Press

Out with the old?  Not so fast.  We provide traditional marketing as well as social media marketing.

Whether for short-term or long-term campaigns, we make it simple to reach your goals.  We offer Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Constant Contact capabilities.  Let us help you make sense of the social media landscape, then prescribe where you really need to be!  - Cette ce bonne!

Media Buyer

    • Print
    • Radio
    • Television

Event & Tradeshow

Marketing A La Renée, Inc. provides small to medium-sized companies with short-term project management guidance and event planning for specific projects.  With the help of our strategic partners we provide the off-site capacity and expertise to help get your tradeshow, grand-opening, holiday, or employee-appreciation event done –  so you can sit down and enjoy yourself too!

  • Event Planning ( B-to-B)
  • Press Kits
  • Booth signage
  • Promotional Items & Gifts

*Ask About Our Bar/Bat Mitzvah Event Planning Services


Branding – Polish and continuity across your platforms and campaigns.

  • Brand Assessment
  • Design & Development
  • Strategic Platform Development


Few companies can do it all and do it well.  We align ourselves with the absolute best in graphic design, layout, web and print!

    • Development & Programming
    • Layout & Design
    • Relevant Content
    • SEO, analytics and mobile optimization
    • E-commerce
    • Database Development & Strategy

When we put Products & Services and metrics in the mix we neutralize risk and the competition.

Case studies

The client is an innovator and niche coach. Harvard trained in the area of Coaching for Educators, she shared a desire to provide assistance to schools and provide presentations & workshops for varied audiences.

Stated Objectives:

  • Event plan for authored work as well as training and coaching sessions
  • Leverage the support of her fan-base and produce advertising and promotional materials
  • Hit donation goals to fund international travel
  • Model structure and pricing


  1.  Establish a theme and professional branded presence for an upcoming event.
  2.  Amass data and market research around target markets.
  3.  Research options to seamlessly collect data and capture participation.
  4.  Develop then distill information relevant to the firm’s clients and its upcoming future events.


  1. Research
    • Extensive research that led to professional graphic design, layout and copy for multiple print pieces.
    • Developed standardized forms for workshop and project management.
  2. Planning
    • Worked with website developer to integrate new messaging and copy into existing website
    • Combined event planning with  e-commerce to present an integrated database management program.
    • Client business coaching and on-site logistics implementation and coordination.
  3. Development
    • Development of branded message for client’s social media.

*Additional – Je ne sais quoi:

  • Provided Press Releases and media relations
  • Development of client yearly event calendar

Links to website: http://www.pathmarkinnovations.com/

Precious Treasures:

Stated Objectives:

  • Assist with Strategic Planning for 1-3 year time horizon
  • Provide insight into capacity building
  • Define company marketing goals


  1. Provide relevant company assessment, market research, and industry specific competitive analysis
  2. Develop a revenue generating business model with national and/or international reach
  3. Further define both the value proposition and end-user for lead generation


    • Provided client with local, national and international industry trends and data.
    • Established correct market segments and targets.
    • Developed innovative franchisable model for client products and services.
    • Produced client supply chain model.
    • Developed project management goals.
    • Developed a general and M/WBE based program model to assist with both outside sales and supplier goals.
    • Developed a company sales tool for prospecting

*Additional – Je ne sais quoi:

  • Updated client brand to 3D presentation
  • Introduction of new integrated revenue streams and strategic vendor relationships
Landon & Rian & Rochester Schools Modernization Program (RSMP):

Landon & Rian Enterprises is a Construction Management firm located in Western New York. The firm contracted with Marketing A La Renée, Inc. to provide Professional Management Services for their second annual event.  Landon & Rian serves as Compliance Officer for the Rochester Schools Modernization Program (RSMP).

A La Renée, Inc. proudly served as a Tier 2 vendor for their M/WBE and diversity  goals.

Stated Objectives:

  1. Preparation and delivery of trade show & event  planning
  2. Provide M/WBE and diversity support, connection and information
  3. Improve matchmaker model and communication bottlenecks


  1. Establish a professional brand, a name and a presence for the event
  2. Research and/or create strategic mass communication platforms and relevant copy
  3. Seamlessly work between all offices and streamline processes
  4. Assist with company event presentation


    • Worked closely with Landon & Rian staff.  Utilized research and development to develop a branded naming, and graphic design approach
    • Developed copy specific to each defined niche, as well as corresponding collateral pieces
    • Integrated several social media platforms into planning and communication to prime contractors & M/WBE’s
    • Integrated analytics into planning to supply all parties with data necessary for allocating resources and effective spending
    • Customized existing software to allow real time collaboration
    • Provided product research on an and subsequent roll-out of database  and analytics  tools
    • Development of content-rich presentation to provide clear, salient information to M/WBE’s
    • Produced several 3D client presentations for yearly event

*Additional – Je ne sais quoi:

  • Provided revenue generating models for future events
  • Advocate for expansion of media relations and local government


precioustreasures (2)

alarenee certificate



US Black Chamber

In both 2011 and 2012  our firm attended the USBC Management Trainee Program.  Certification was granted to attendees during the 2012 4...

Read More

Datea: June 1, 2014
Need a speaker for your next event?

Let’s talk!  We provide high level content and gorgeous presentations on Business, Strategy, Brand entrepreneurship, M/WBE and affinity engagement to name a few.  Maybe you need us to help you shine?  We’ll project manage your event or grand opening.  You won’t believe how reasonable we are!  Seamless, sophisticated logistics, it’s what we do.

Datea: April 18, 2014
Certification & Training for the Upstate Region

Marketing A La Renee, Inc. is proud to announce its status as both a Constant Contact Certified Area Local Expert and Solution Provider – Traditional Media Meets Social Media and the result is professional, effective marketing.  We can deliver to large groups or one-on-one setting.  Email Marketing Campaign, Event ticketing & registration and E-Newsletters are just the beginning.  Ask about our new Market Me Suite program!  All of your social media in one place AND analytics.

Datea: April 11, 2014
US Black Chamber
alarenee certificate

In both 2011 and 2012  our firm attended the USBC Management Trainee Program.  Certification was granted to attendees during the 2012 4 day event.  We gained valuable knowledge with regard to the The 5 Pillars:

  • Advocacy
  • Access to Capital
  • Contracting
  • Entrepreneur Training
  • Chamber Development

Additionally, we were able to gain strategic partnerships and research with the High Speed Rail Industry as well as the Youth & Human Services sector. 


From the Foundations of the World!

At Marketing A La Renee, we value our nonprofit partners and the work they do for their community and the world as a whole. If you bring proof of donation to our offices, Marketing A La Renee will discount* our consulting services by 5%  to show our support of your donation.

*Please call for details

M. K. Gandhi

The M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence is a nonprofit that works to realize the vision of its historic namesake. The mission is to help individuals and communities develop the inner resources and practical skills needed to achieve a nonviolent, sustainable and just world. Located on South Plymouth Avenue, right here in Rochester, New York!

Links to website: http://www.gandhiinstitute.org/

Water For Sudan

Water for South Sudan began as a result of addressing the issues of water borne illnesses in the Sudan.  It’s founder, Salva Dut was displaced as the result of civil  war there.

With local college training and the initial donations the organization has built wells to change the economic strength of communities.  Won’t you and/or your organization help to drill more wells?


Links to website: http://www.waterforsouthsudan.org/

Chocolate Mint

The Chocolate MINT Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, charitable outreach program dedicated to educating and promoting economic growth and social awareness to children, youth and young adults. Our goal for them is to have a positive outlook at life and a new sense of self worth which will empower them individually and collectively improving the quality of life for all.

Links to website: http://www.chocolatemint.org/

AKA Educational Advancement Foundation, Inc.

Alpha  Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated is a service organization.  With over 100 years of service to all, what started on the collegiate level now has over 250,000 members and has transcended into international service

The  Educational Advancement Foundation is Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority philanthropic arm and exists as its own entity to support and underwrite business, personal and scholarly endeavors for men, women and children

Be sure to check out the EAF grant and scholarships page AND apply!

Links to website: http://www.aka1908.com/


 Press & Media 
Date: April 10, 2014
BMW Matchmaker 2014

April 2014 – Marketing A La Renee participated in their first ever supplier diversity matchmaker conference. The event’s focus was to help minority firms get recognized for their quality goods and services by prime companies from all around the United States. We applaud BMW’s diversity efforts.

Pictured is Renee Frazier holding the vendor database list from the event, in which Marketing A La Renee is recognized.

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Recent News
BMW Matchmaker 2014
Date: April 10, 2014
April 2014 - Marketing A La Renee participated in their first ever supplier diversity matchmaker conference. The event's focus was to help...
Business & Matchmaker Fair 2013
Date: April 11, 2013
Rochester Schools Modernization Program Marketing A La Renée, Inc. provided project managements services, database management and...
A Grand Opening
Date: September 16, 2012
On the 3rd anniversary of our Incorporation date Marketing A La Renee, Inc. held an open-house, ribbon cutting and thank you celebration...
Date: April 10, 2014
BMW Matchmaker 2014

April 2014 – Marketing A La Renee participated in their first ever supplier diversity matchmaker conference. The event’s focus was to help minority firms get recognized for their quality goods and services by prime companies from all around the United States. We applaud BMW’s diversity efforts.

Pictured is Renee Frazier holding the vendor database list from the event, in which Marketing A La Renee is recognized.

Date: April 11, 2013
Business & Matchmaker Fair 2013

Rochester Schools Modernization Program Marketing A La Renée, Inc. provided project managements services, database management and tradeshow planning for 200+ invited guests – Prime contractors and M/WBE firms.  Also invited were Monroe County and City Council officials.

Date: September 16, 2012
A Grand Opening

On the 3rd anniversary of our Incorporation date Marketing A La Renee, Inc. held an open-house, ribbon cutting and thank you celebration all-in-one.  We also debuted our 3D Presentation software.

We are grateful to our clients and affiliates who make our success possible – Thank you for the opportunity!


Mailing Address:

Marketing A La Renée, Inc. 13 S. Fitzhugh Street
Rochester, NY 14614
Office Tel: 585.486.4345

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